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About Destiny

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    Destiny was established in Perth in 1994.
    At that time, founders Reuben and Margaret Lomas, had five young children and were surviving week to week with no prospect of financial stability in sight. From the spare bedroom of their home they developed a system to help everyday people, not unlike themselves, achieve financial security. From their humble beginnings they built a strong base of loyal clients who began to prosper by adhering to their unique approach to debt reduction and property investing. In 1996 the family packed up and relocated to the Central Coast of New South Wales. From this location the business grew from strength to strength, with Margaret and Reuben leading by example, owning in excess of 40 properties of their own. As an 100% Australian privately owned company with branches across Australia, and almost 20 years of success in helping thousands property investors, Destiny is uniquely positioned within the Property Investment Industry. In an industry fraught with unscrupulous organisations who too often adopt an opportunistic approach to business, the Destiny approach to property investing is unique, preferring not to sell property, but instead to teach you how to build a property portfolio which will generate future income.